Congo Adoption

Democratic Republic of Congo Adoption

The Democratic Republic of Congo, also known as DR Congo or DRC, is a central African country with a population of over 71 million. DRC has been suffering under sporadic war and violence for many years.

There are currently an estimated 5 million orphaned children in the DR Congo.

DR Congo has slowly begun opening its doors to international adoption. In 2011, 133 children were adopted by US families, and that number is expected to continue to grow.

IAN is now accepting applications for our DR Congo Adoption Program.  We are excited about this new opportunity to find families for children in the most desperate need.

DR Congo Adoption Program

Ethiopia Adoption

Adopting from Ethiopia

Since 2007 Ethiopia has become one of the fastest growing international adoption programs. The culture, the people, and a continuing need draw adoptive parents with open hearts.

While the government of Ethiopia has become more stringent in allowing intercountry placements, many cases are still being processed and IAN applauds the governmental efforts to increase transparency and ethics.

IAN has facilitated adoptions from Ethiopia since 2008.

IAN's Ethiopia program is as strong as ever, and we look forward to future opportunities to serve the orphans of Ethiopia

Ethiopia Adoption Program

Uganda Adoption

Adopting From Uganda

IAN is pleased to announce we are accepting applications from families interested in adopting children from Uganda.

In 2011, US families adopted 207 children from Uganda.

Uganda began to allow adoptions by foreign parents in 2000, but there was a 3 year residency requirement for prospective adoptive parents.

Recently, the Ugandan courts have been allowing guardianship in Uganda, with the completion of the adoption in the US, which significantly reduces the time spent in country for adoptive parents.

Uganda Adoption Program


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